New minerals for the Enlightened Eye

I spent Friday in Liskeard Museum where I met with Callum Beeson from Camborne School of Mines, Together we were able to replace the current mineral selection with some new examples from the School of mines collection. Callum was fantastic at understanding the planetary gear support system and was able to install some amazing new minerals one bright green, another bright blue and one has curious orange crystal structures embedded on its surface. ( I'm awaiting the names of these from Callum). 

Additionally I met with microscopy specialists Pat and David Woodward who were able to adjust the LED lights on the microscope to help with the glare that the Enlightened Eye was picking up from the shiny surface of some samples. David also adjusted the large screen to help with the quality of image. Now the images are much richer and more defined with a new drama to them.

I have to say that I really enjoyed working with the curator Tina, Callum, David and Pat, it showed that working with a number of different specialists collaboratively on this kind of complex interactive project is important to get the best results.

A kind of clock with an escapement automata thing

Last year I made this: a kind of clock with an escapement - the cog was laser cut from hardboard which began to deteriorate, so i need to consider metal perhaps, the images are from a real Victorian Punch magazine that someone cut up. Think Iwould like to revisit this mechanism sometime soon, and come up with something more robust.